VNC vs. TS

Nicholson, Rob rob.nicholson "at"
Tue Apr 27 21:16:01 2004

>So, there you go.  Job done.  TS and VNC complement each other perfectly.

Yes they do - we use both. Terminal Server & Citrix has two primary

o Reduce TCO by using server based centralised computing
o Publish legacy Windows applications on the web

This isn't really what VNC is about at all. I guess if you already
traditional PCs within a company and wanted to implement remote working
using those PCs, then VNC could just be used (firewall fun aside) as could
GotoMyPC ($$$).

But if you want to implement remote working, then consider Terminal Server &
possibly Metaframe. There are inherent extra costs involved but they pale
compared to support of other technologies. I was a Citrix virgin until I
started here, now I've seen the light.

Cheers, Rob.