'Another instance of RealVNC is already running.'

David Broadwell dbroadwell "at" mindspring.com
Tue Apr 27 17:08:00 2004

There is some more information on this one. I have isolated WHEN this
situation occurs. Every time my system's lease expires for it's IP and it
receives a new one.

> 	When the dialog window pops up again, don't close it.  Open
> task manager, sort the list by CPU time and move the dialog
> window around so that the corresponding process climbs up the
> list.  With this, you should see if the process is called
> winvnc.exe or anything else.
When I move of offending window around the following show an increased usage
of cpu resources:

None of those are unexpected for moving graphics, but;
> You could then do a search of the exe file in the disk as well as in
> the registry.
Text search of csrss on the drive revealed that ie5 logged about csrss.exe
on install on 2/15 and that it came with one of the service pack. Besides
that it's PID is low enough that it was launched at boot time by the OS.

I'll have to let my system wait for the next opportunity to troubleshoot,
but it seems that if the extra copy of WinVNC is being launched externally,
by the time it has called up the window it has self exited.

The question is: I've been running winVNC off and on for about two years
now, vast majority of that has been on this system. This behavior is newer
but how exactly DOES winVNC behave on the change over of ip? (is there a
developer to describe this, or should I pick up the code and see?)

>> Relevant software versions;
>> Windows 2k Server SP4+ PII450/386mb/20gb
>> Zone Alarm Pro 4.5
>> WinVNC 3.3.7



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