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Tue Apr 27 10:50:01 2004

On the subject of compliment one another.

I use TS to manage out servers, but VNC server is also loaded on both servers.

It's not been the first time that the TS session has screwed up proper, not allowing me to log out at all, so in I go on VNC, direct to the server's console, fire-up the terminal server manager, locate the crashed session and terminate it.  I can then sign onto TS again.

Than again, it's also not the first time I've had the VNC server play-up on the server, but as I connect to the servers I manage my VPN/PPTP, I just re-start the VNC server service.

So, there you go.  Job done.  TS and VNC complement each other perfectly.

At 13:17 26/04/2004, "Seak, Teng-Fong" <tfseak "at"> you wrote:
>        You're comparing uncomparables.
>        TS (like XWindows) allows several users to work in the same server at the same time.  The thing that VNC isn't supposed to do.
>        OTOH, VNC allows you to see the console of any machine.  So for an admin, they don't have to transform themselves to Olympic splinters to run 100 m at 9.9 seconds in order to rush back to the server rooms to see what happens on the screen.  Unless you have Windows 2003 which allows you to get to the console via TS client, you need VNC.  Although there're more and more Windows based servers, Unix servers are still the best in terms of performance (this is off-topic so I stop here) so you can't use TS to get to them.  Either you use X servers or VNC.
>        And in a heterogeneous network where there're also Macintosh (eg a designer company), VNC can also be used as well.  Something that TS can't do for the time being.
>        I would say VNC and TS aren't necessarily competing with each other but they could be complement to each other.  Imagine this: you could run VNC inside a TS session so a Macintosh user can work using Windows environment (provided the session isn't disconnected).
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>> Hi,
>> I've seen a few older threads regarding VNC vs. Windows Terminal Server.
>> Since things change so fast I thought I'd ask what people think about
>> the two today.
>> Obviously there is a great price advantage with VNC.
>> Are there any cases where you would feel you must use Windows Terminal
>> Server instead of VNC?
>> Also, one of our software vendors is working on the next release of
>> their application. They are going to use .NET. Users will have a thin
>> client connected to "services" on a Win2K box. Details are sketchy at
>> this point but I'm already wondering what impact this might have on my
>> the ability to use VNC servers and VNC viewers. Knowing software vendors
>> as I do, I'm afraid that this might be locking me into Terminal Server
>> somewhere down the road.
>> Thanks,
>> Bruce