on Linux/KDE, how do I let someone see my active screen?

Kevin Smathers kevin "at" ank.com
Tue Apr 27 05:43:01 2004

Derek at CD Baby wrote:

>Hi VNC gang - I hope someone can help.  I'm stuck:
>I've set up a VNC server on a Windows box before, so that
>someone remote can see what I'm doing (or control my mouse)
>on my Windows box.
>It's been working fine for a year with realvnc.
>Now I'm trying to do the same thing in Linux/KDE.
>(Let someone see my active screen - same thing I see.)
>But it's only starting a NEW X11 window/session/server.
>How can I get the unix vncserver to show my existing window?
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KDE has desktop sharing built in.  Look for 'System/Remote 
Access/Desktop Sharing'.  Configuration is through the KDE control 
center under 'Internet & Network/Desktop Sharing'.  This tool implements 
the RFB protocol so it can talk to any VNC client, but to configure it 
so that it can handle unrequested connections you'll have to alter the 
default settings by checking the box labelled 'Allow uninvited connections'.

For anyone not running KDE, you'll need to download the X0rfb code and 
port it forward to the latest version of X (or find someone else who has 
already done so.)


Look ma, no threads[1]. 
[1] BitTorrent in C is http://www.sf.net/projects/libbt
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