Can't get connection to remote server from behind wireless router/firewall

Jay Diamond jdiamond "at"
Mon Apr 26 20:35:01 2004

My configuration is as follows:

Remote server (PC running XP) with VNC server running on it.

A belkin wireless ADSL router with built in firewall at home with a dynamic IP

3 PCs running 2000 and XP with wireless access going into the router allocated
IP addresses using DHCP.  I am using IPsec to secure the link.

My problem is that I cannot get the VNC viewer to see the remote server I need
to take control of.  If I replace the wireless setup and put a wired modem in
and a single PC connected then it works fine, however, as soon as I plug in
the wireless router it all goes to pot.  I guess that this may be a "port
forwarding issue", hwever, on my firewall I can do two things - neither of
which are very clearly documented or explained.

1) I could use a feature called application gateways which has the fields
"trigger port"  "trigger type" (TCP or UDP) and "public port", "public type"
(CP or UDP).  I don't know if this is what I should be changing and if so what
I should be putting in.

2) There is another feature called "virtual servers" which has the following
fields: "LAN IP address" "potocol type" (TCP or UDP) "LAN port" "Public port"

Can anybody help me?