Please, please, please.... cosenzas "at"
Mon Apr 26 19:43:00 2004

can't someone help me with the last steps of setting this up?

I've read the FAQ....I've used the webprogram "whois' to find out my work machine's default ISP gateway and pc addy. I've found the place to put in port forwarding. My question(s);

1- Does VNC use TCP_UDP protocol? or something else?
2- Is the port 59+ the ID # I set up on the client (my home) machine?
3- What IP addy do I supply for the forwarding? Is it: the individual IP addy of the server machine I want to connect to/control? Is it the default gateway/IPaddy of the LAN? Is it the individual IP addy of the client machine(my home pc)?

Also...hopefully I'll be successful in the near future and, if so, do I have to do the same thing with port 5800 (for internet access)? And do I supply and IP addy for each client and/or server?

Pleeeeeeease can someone take the time to answer these questions? I've read...and read...and read....I've managed to do nothing but give myself a headache.
aka LuniLadi