Disable local events

alejandro.sanchez@municipia.com alejandro.sanchez "at" municipia.com
Mon Apr 26 11:51:00 2004

I have been testing the latest realvnc4 beta release and I've been looking in 
the windows register, now the keys are under RealVNC (not ORL) but with the 
exception that now you can't disable local events. 
Somebody told me that now the new version monitorizes the register but I can't 
find 'Disable local events' and set the value to true. I need to automatize 
the procedure of disabling local events (keyboard and mouse) in a VNC session 
with full control from a client machine. 
I have been looking the code and it uses CORBA (omniorb) when it applies the 
changes to the server but the idea of automatization the changes with a CORBA 
client I think that it's not a good idea and I haven't the IOR spec for the 
server and it's a big project to code. 
Any idea? 
Thanks in advance,