Right-click options do not display unless mouse moves

Eurich, Bruno brunoe "at" netapp.com
Mon Apr 26 11:07:00 2004

Thanks all for the replies.

I found that restricting to 8 bit on the client improved response times
(The windows polling options were already as recommended)

Changing the display effects from fade-effect to scroll-effect made some
improvements to displaying the context menu options as well - but it's
not quite there yet as they still take some time to display and
sometimes don't at all without mouse movement.

I'll try the beta soon. Is VNC Svr upgradeable remotely as a service?
The RNs didn't say.


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> Bruno,
> The fade-in effect of Windows 2000 and above menus changed 
> the way in which
> the display must be grabbed.  You should find that VNC 4b4 
> will work better
> with fade-in menus.
> Wez @ RealVNC Ltd.
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