VNCserver connecting problem

naoki_murakami murakami "at"
Mon Apr 26 07:17:00 2004

Subject: R: VNCserver connecting problem

Thank for your reply, Livio,

> If I understand your network configuration, you are trying to remote access
> PC1 ( - VNCServer) from PC2 ( - VNCViewer) by means
> of a dial - up ISDN connection set up on PC3 ( - Remote Access
> Server defined) aren't you?
Yes,this is exactly what I am trying to do.

> If so, be sure RAS let you access all the PCs networked with PC3 and not
> merely access  PC3 itself. It seems to me that RAS configuration is
> responsible of problems you are facing.
> Try to install VNC Server on PC3 and access it from PC1: if everything is
> fine check your RAS settings. Also, have a look at the event log on PC3 and
> check whether some entry relates RAS and VNC.
My RAS(PC3) is not a PC, it is a dial-up router, so I cannot install VNC nor
any other application either.
I checked RAS settings and access log (not the event log) again, but they
seem OK to me.
*PC1 (server) and RAS are regularly connected.

As a matter of fact, I am using this PC1-PC2-RAS component for FTP purpose
as well (network drive file sharing and so on), but I do not have any
problem so far. I could even get the ping back to PC2 from PC1 via RAS.
Only the VNC connecting does not work; messages of "Your connection has been
rejected" or "Connection closed" that what I would get.
May be my VNC setting configulation is not good? or should try 3.3.7
as Seak said last time?
Any further idea you have, let me know, please.


Ken Yokota.