VNC vs. TS

Ordway, Bruce bruceo "at"
Sun Apr 25 22:50:01 2004


I've seen a few older threads regarding VNC vs. Windows Terminal Server.
Since things change so fast I thought I'd ask what people think about
the two today.

Obviously there is a great price advantage with VNC.
Are there any cases where you would feel you must use Windows Terminal
Server instead of VNC?

Also, one of our software vendors is working on the next release of
their application. They are going to use .NET. Users will have a thin
client connected to "services" on a Win2K box. Details are sketchy at
this point but I'm already wondering what impact this might have on my
the ability to use VNC servers and VNC viewers. Knowing software vendors
as I do, I'm afraid that this might be locking me into Terminal Server
somewhere down the road.