VNC Server on Redhat ES 3.0-blank screen w/ cursor for Gnome

William Hooper whooper "at"
Sun Apr 25 19:18:00 2004

Chris Riffle said:
> Thanks William!
> I do feel a little "dense" for not spotting that! :o\
> Yep, Gnome's installed. (I usually start it with "startx" from the
> console)It's working as I thought it would now.
> Should I be concerned about-
>>xrdb: No such file or directory<
>>xrdb: can't open file '/home/chris/.Xresources'<

Scanning man xrdb doesn't look like it is a big issue.  My home directory
doesn't have an .Xresources file either.  Maybe your config is having
issues reading the default (/etc/X11/Xresources)?  It is part of the
xinitrc package.

William Hooper