More questions from Newbie

Susan Bilheimer sbilheim "at"
Sun Apr 25 14:19:00 2004

Thanks for all your help. I still haven't gotten the
nerve to begin testing on two machines at home
to see if I can get it to work before it's time to
put it to actual use with the remote computer. 
And I am still confused.

I cannot find detailed instructions on the software
(though someone did give me RealVNC instructions for
the viewer) to install all aspects.

Of the choices that were suggested:
> RealVnc, UltraVnc, TightVnc, and Co. 
which is:
* best for my configurations (see below for explanation)?
* easiest to install?
* will give the closest quality of screen refresh rate
   compared to GotoMyPC?

My home computer (the viewer?) is on DSL
without a dedicated IP address. The server
will be five hours away on cable modem. 
I am not sure if they provide dedicated IP or not.

One machine is WinXP. I have two at home as
viewers, one XP and one 2000.

Finally, as I need to make changes within the accounting
and reporting software on the server machine, I think I
need to be in "Service Mode" not "User Mode," right?
Will that be clear in the instructions?

Thank you for your help.