Right-click options do not display unless mouse moves

Seak, Teng-Fong tfseak "at" futurmaster.com
Sun Apr 25 02:04:00 2004

	The "gradual" effect is the "fade" effect introduced in 2k/XP (a display property)

	Maybe you could disable this property, or you could check your server and client setting:

	In the server, make sure that only "Poll Console Windows only" and "Poll foreground window" are selected.  Esp the "Poll full window" shouldn't be enabled, unless your server PC and network are really fast, otherwise, you're drawing a lot of useless images on the client screen.

	In the client side, also make sure you're using 8 bit color.  My connection home-office is about 128 kbps and context menus are appearing quite fast, about 1 or 2 seconds after the click.

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This happens all the time when viewing Windows XP & Win2K but I couldn't
find any mention of it in the docs or even a screen refresh option to
correct it (v3.3.7).

If I right-click a folder, the properties etc. options never display
unless I move the mouse, and then they only display gradually.
Is this a known issue?

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