Can VNC act as a 'spyware'?

Seak, Teng-Fong tfseak "at"
Fri Apr 23 16:09:00 2004

	If you're so afraid of being spied on, let the VNC icon shown inside the system tray.  Whenever it turns colour, close your e-bank windows.

	HTH ...... well, I hope

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> Objet : Can VNC act as a 'spyware'?
> Well the VNC is installed in everyone's PC. Since if
> anyone has used it before, could I ask u if it can be
> used to view my personal emails, edit them.
> My office is quite flexible about me using my
> e-banking since we really work a 6day week and there's
> no time to literally go to the bank. But I'd just like
> to be sure that no hanky-panky goes on behind my back.
> 1. For eg. I'm in Yahoo mail writing or viewing an
> email. And my boss is nicely sitting in his room next
> door. Will what I see, be the same as what my boss
> sees?
> 2. To go another step further, can he use VNC to edit
> what I do? (of course I'm asking the extreme stuffs)
> 3. And to go another step further, if he's able to see
> my Yahoo Mail, can he also see my e-banking pages once
> I have accessed into it.
> 4. And finally, if I erase the cache everytime I've
> logged out of my e-banking session, would that be
> sufficient?
> I dont want to wake up suddenly and see all my monies
> transferred out!!
> Thks.
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