Tridia and spam

David Howe David.Howe "at"
Fri Apr 23 09:09:01 2004

Jeff Boerio <mailto:boerio "at"> was seen to write:
> This isn't the first time I've received messages of this type, and
> I've tried in the past to politely use their process to get off the
> list, yet I remained for the most recent dose.  So this time I sent
> email directly to the person sent out the message asking them to
> clean up.  I doubt it will have any positive response.  But I feel a
> bit better about it.     
TBH I doubt the spammers give a damn - I will contact Tridia though, as it is possible this advertising is the result of buying so many "hits" on a banner ad company, who turned around and spammed to get the hits.

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