Why does VNC server on unix just die?

Kelly F. Hickel kfh "at" mqsoftware.com
Fri Apr 23 03:38:01 2004

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> Kelly F. Hickel wrote:
> > I've been seeing the following behavior for quite awhile, and I'm
> > getting tired of it, so I thought I'd ask....
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> >>From time to time, I'll go to connect to a VNC server session and it
> > will have exited.  There's nothing in the VNC or machine logs, the X
> > lock files in /tmp have been orphaned, and the VNC/X process is gone.
> > I've seen this with RealVNC servers ranging from v3.3 through v4b4, and
> > I've seen it on solaris, RH 7.2, RH 8, RH 9, and Fedora.  I've seen it
> > on my office lan, and on my home lan..  Sometimes it seems to happen
> > while a client is connected, but it also happens when no client is
> > connected.  Usually it seems to happen "off hours", although I've seen
> > it happen during the day.  Sometimes it's over the weekend, other times
> > just overnight.  I haven't been able to find any pattern, nor any clue
> > to what's happening.  Other users at my company (using different servers
> > and clients) have also seen this.
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> > Anybody else seen it?  Any clues?
> Investigatons include settings of used stuff that can make this happen:
> - autologout from the window manager or display manager (gnome, kde, cde
> etc)
> - bad connections: If a vnc-session detects a missing connection, the
> viewer
> fails. If it does not detect a missing connection (there is no keyboard or
> mouse
> action) then the network can be disconnected an connected after which the
> session continues...
> - automatic clearing of X11 sockets (I've seen this on Solaris)
> Since you use many versions of Xvnc (and vncviewer) I dont expect them to
> be
> problematic.
[Kelly F. Hickel] 
Thanks for the suggestions, this doesn't always happen when a viewer is connected, so I think that rules out the broken connection problems.  There's no autologout, sometimes I'll have a server session on my main linux box up for weeks, other times it dies every night for awhile....
> CBee