RealVNC Implementation

Jorge Cotelo jcotelo "at"
Thu Apr 22 20:55:00 2004

To whom it corresponds,

A few years ago I have worked with a version of VNC at Citibank.

Now I am working in a different job and I am trying to install VNC as a 
solution for our Help Desk. I have download the last version from the Web 
and I have install the RealVnc Server on the domain controller for a test 

After that I have install RealVnc Viewers on five desktops and they are 
always "running listening VNC viewer".

Now I would like to:

1 - Have a password for connecting to the desktops.
2 - The user of the desktop must allow me to work on his computer answering 
yes / no on a pop-up windows.
3 - The desktop that is under my control must have a banner like this: 
"under remote control of.."

I know that all this is possible, but I really do not know how to do this.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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