RealVNC application name

Michael Ost most "at"
Thu Apr 22 18:58:00 2004

Are there guidelines, rules, and/or etiquette for how to name the
RealVNC Windows application if a company is distributing RealVNC as part
of a for-sale product?

We are working on a stand-alone Linux box called Receptor which is
running the VNC server. Our (distinctively non-technical) customers will
be using the RealVNC client on Windows to log in to their Receptor over
ethernet. With the coolness of RealVNC they will be able to remotely
control their Receptor --- this is a big deal for the product.

The problem is that our customers will be confused if the way to open
their Receptor interface in windows is to click an icon or select a
start menu item called RealVNC. RealVNC will mean nothing to most of
them; and our product is already asking them to rethink alot of old

I want to rename the application to 'Receptor Remote.exe' and show
'Receptor Remote' in the title bar of the window. Of course, the about
box would be left in tact, showing the RealVNC copyright and crediting
the authors.

But I don't want to violate the license, and I don't want to step on any
toes. Are there any suggestions for the best way of handling this?

Thanks in advance.... mo

Michael Ost, Software Architect
Muse Research, Inc.
most "at"