Why does VNC server on unix just die?

William Hooper whooper "at" freeshell.org
Thu Apr 22 17:14:05 2004

Corni Beerse said:
>> Anybody else seen it?  Any clues?

I've had VNC sessions last into the months.  I generally use blackbox for
my WM, what are you using?

> Investigatons include settings of used stuff that can make this happen:
> - autologout from the window manager or display manager (gnome, kde, cde
> etc)
> - bad connections: If a vnc-session detects a missing connection, the
> viewer
> fails. If it does not detect a missing connection (there is no keyboard or
> mouse
> action) then the network can be disconnected an connected after which the
> session continues...
> - automatic clearing of X11 sockets (I've seen this on Solaris)

I would also add check for screensavers to that list.  A number of weird X
issues that happen when people are away are caused by problematic
screensavers.  Of course since VNC is a "virtual" display, there is no
need to have a screensaver anyway.

William Hooper