VNC + Emacs *Without* a Window Manager

Dave Love "at"
Thu Apr 22 17:09:08 2004

zt-vnc-list "at" writes:

> Do you need to use the mouse with Emacs?  If so, then you've probably got it 
> as good as it's going to get.
> If not, then you're just running terminal-based applications and VNC
> (a graphical application) is massive overkill.

[The mouse works with Emacs 21 on suitable ttys, e.g. xterm in Xterm
Mouse mode.]

> Look into using "screen" instead.

Indeed.  You don't want only to be able to interact with the system
through an Emacs window that may hang on NFS or other network
connexions if those are relevant.

Sorry no Ob-VNC.