Why does VNC server on unix just die?

Kelly F. Hickel kfh "at" mqsoftware.com
Thu Apr 22 15:24:00 2004

I've been seeing the following behavior for quite awhile, and I'm
getting tired of it, so I thought I'd ask....

From time to time, I'll go to connect to a VNC server session and it
will have exited.  There's nothing in the VNC or machine logs, the X
lock files in /tmp have been orphaned, and the VNC/X process is gone.
I've seen this with RealVNC servers ranging from v3.3 through v4b4, and
I've seen it on solaris, RH 7.2, RH 8, RH 9, and Fedora.  I've seen it
on my office lan, and on my home lan..  Sometimes it seems to happen
while a client is connected, but it also happens when no client is
connected.  Usually it seems to happen "off hours", although I've seen
it happen during the day.  Sometimes it's over the weekend, other times
just overnight.  I haven't been able to find any pattern, nor any clue
to what's happening.  Other users at my company (using different servers
and clients) have also seen this.

Anybody else seen it?  Any clues?


Kelly F. Hickel

Senior Software Architect

MQSoftware, Inc


kfh "at" mqsoftware.com