Anti-social software issue...

Mullig Michael B mullig.mb "at"
Thu Apr 22 14:30:00 2004

	Having a problem here,

	First the important details:  I'm running a VNC 3.3.3r3 on a Sun Fire V880
running Solaris 8 (patch level 27).  The system has 8GB memory with 16 GB
swap.  It's a pretty buff server -- and weighing at about 300 pounds it better

	Here's the problem -- we're running a third party application on this server
that needs to put a display to *somewhere.*  Since the system's headless (i.e.
no monitor), we decided to use VNC to open a virtual display.  The users don't
need to see this display, per se, it just needs to exist.  The problem pops up
when a script using PowerBuilder is run.  If I redirect the script's output to
my own system, it seems to run fine.  However, when I direct it to the VNC
virtual display, it claims an "Out of Memory" error and waits patiently for
someone to click a retry/cancel button.  Not good when no-one supposedly needs
to interact with this display...

	My users and I both recognize that the best solution is going to have to come
from the third party in the form of an app fix.  Meanwhile, I'm trying to see
if there's anything I can do server side to remedy the problem.  Any ideas?

	-- Mike M.
	Pittsburgh, PA

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