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Thu Apr 22 13:01:01 2004

Seak, Teng-Fong wrote:

> 	I don't use Unix version of VNC but I would think this is the way it should be, just like X Windows and Terminal Services.

I think I missed the origional post, I'm sure I pointed to which just does what is 

> 	Maybe you could take a look at the DOC to see if you could change the startup script to quit everything automatically:
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>>(New VNC user)  I am running VNC on my Windows XP box and connecting to
>>Linux (Redhat v3).  My question is this..If I exit VNC without logging
>>out of my Linux connection it leaves this connection open.  I know this
>>because I can see the resource still allocated on the LINUX machine even
>>after I exit VNC.  If I reopen VNC the connection to Linux is still
>>open.  I would assume that once you close your VNC connection then it
>>would close all other connections but this is(appears) not the case.  Is
>>this how it is suppose to work?  Do you have to manually exit each
>>individual connection in VNC before closing VNC?  Or should it
>>automatically close all connections when I choose to close(ALT-F4) VNC?

Both ways are suposed to work. The default is to leave the session open for 
future use. Xvnc (the core binary) has many options to controll this. You can 
pass these options to the `vncserver` script too, or even update it. See `Xvnc 
--help` for a list of options.

Be warned, if Xvnc is closed by ending the session, all subprocesses are 
crashed!, no nice exit of those subprocesses. On the other hand, if you use the 
setup as on, you better 
close the windows session, that will close all processes (including Xvnc and 
hence your viewer) in a much nicer way.

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