Using VNC over the internet

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Thu Apr 22 12:22:08 2004

FWIW, I have a friend who has a Linksys 4-port router Ver 3 and who 
reports that in order to get port forwarding to "take", he must first 
clear the router's password back to the default of "admin".  Besides 
being different than my ver 2 router, the idea of zapping the password 
to change another option is ridiculous BUT I know this person very well 
and he would not have told me that if it hadn't been accurate. 
I find it interesting that a firmware update is available for the Ver 3 
4-port router but 
none is shown for the 8-port box
Note also that my Linksys 4-port router, ver 2 with firmware 1.44.2, Dec 
13 2002  works like the users guide says (and like any reasonable person 
would expect).

Seak, Teng-Fong wrote:

>	Please reply to the list for your own good.
>	When you went to, you should see an IP address.  Does this address correspond your router's address in public port?  If no, there must be a firewall/router somewhere between your router and Internet backbone routers, possibly your ISP's router.
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>I have an 8-port linksys cable/dsl router.  On the "forwarding" page, I have entered the following:
>Service Port Range  Protocol    IP address
>     5900-5900          Both
>     5800-5800          Both
>The IP address is that of my PC, assigned by the router (DHCP).  I have also tried which is the lan address of the router.
>After setting this up, I went to and tested my setup, which fails in both cases.  What am I doing wrong?
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>  You need port-forwarding. Please read the FAQ and manual:
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>>Objet : Using VNC over the internet
>>I have successfully installed VNC server on 3 Windows systems, all running
>>Windows 98SE. I can access any of these systems from any of the others with
>>no problem. I can't however, figure out how to access them over the
>>internet. All 3 of these systems are connected via a dsl/cable router which
>>feeds a cable modem.
>>Can anyone please give me step by step instructions for accessing these
>>systems over the internet? Do I need a web page to do this?
>>Chuck Bruno
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