How do I get the .vnc files to work on other workstations?

Corné Beerse cbeerse "at"
Thu Apr 22 08:27:01 2004

Beling, Michael wrote:
> I have a bunch of .vnc configs for several boxes that we commonly
> connect to and I sent them to another machine, but I can't seem to open
> them up.  I get a program association list and nothing seems to work.

I expect those *.vnc files are generated with the 'save connection info as' 
option. Say you generate the file "server.vnc"

You can use this file with the next command:
"C:\Program Files\VNC\vncviewer.exe" /config  server.vnc

I created a 'filetype' that does a connect by default with the comand 
("C:\Program Files\VNC\vncviewer.exe" /config) and optionally an edit (with an 
ascii editor)