VNCserver connecting problem

naoki_murakami murakami "at"
Thu Apr 22 01:23:00 2004

I am new on VNC, and I need help.
In my LAN I have Win2000Pro as server which is connected to dial-up router
as Remote Access Server(NTTME/MN128SOHO-IB3) and then ISDN inbetween
the router and viewer(WinXP).
WinVNCVersion3.3.3R7 has been installed on both of server and viewer.
When I try to connect from viewer, for the first few times I have an error message
"Your connection has been rejected." and afterward I can get the pop-up window for
password input. However, even if the password is correct, it would end up with an error
message "Connection closed."
(When the password is wrong, I would have a message "VNC authentication failed!")
IP address is set for dial-up router(, for VNCserver(,
for viewer(
Why it cannot be connected?
Does anyone have any idea for which part I should check?
Thank you. 

Ken Yokota