Firewall / Router Setup Problem? lefebvrec "at"
Wed Apr 21 23:01:01 2004

  Before posting this question I have browsed through a few months worth of the 
archives and looked at the various faq's and Dave Gayman's account of getting 
VNC to work through a firewall and I've run into a little problem that I haven't 
seen mentioned anywhere so I thought I'd ask and see if anyone has any idea's.

  I'm trying to manage my computer at the office from my home and (visa versa), 
my main home machine from the office. At the office our T1 just uses the packet 
based firewalling thats part of the Cisco router which is managed by our isp. At home I've got a cable modem with a DLink router / firewall.

  At work I've been able to use the vnc viewer program to manage my main home machine (I setup port forwarding and it works no problem) but on the flip side I've had my isp forward the port (both tcp & udp) I'm using to my desktop machine at the office and the problem is that when I use the viewer program from home I get prompted for the password, which I enter but then I get nothing neither the viewer screen nor any error message and the viewer program just appears to exit with no explaination. Any idea's...


- Chris LeFebvre