Running VNC server and Remote destop XP simultaneously - not working

jburysek jburysek "at"
Wed Apr 21 22:02:01 2004

Thanks for advices, but nothing helped.
A realised this:
- it realy hapened because of some shared "virtual" display driver
- if I run VNC after reboot, everything work fine
- if I run RDT before VNC, it is not possible run VNC (only black 
initialization widow appear)
- if I run RDT at small resolution, which is actual remote PC resolution 
(640x480x8), then I'm able to run VNC simultaneously (realy two windows 
side by side)
- if I stop RDT, than also VNC stop reactions (hangs?), so I have to 
close viewer
- when I stop RDT and try to run VNC individualy, it create only window 
in 640x480, but it is black
- when I ran RDT in big full screen resolution, then VNC tried to create 
big window, but only black
- another VNC-like utility RemoteAdministraor 2.1 act in the similar way 
(none window opened after RDT was running)
- both VNC and RAdmin works fine, if it is used prior RDT
- the same black windows is in
I thing, that RDT somehow "damage" video driver, which both applications 
I''l try to insert better gr. accelerator (not only 512kB).

Any idea how to solve this?

Does exist some person, who is runnig both RDT and VNC simultaneously at 
XP computers?


Seak, Teng-Fong wrote:

>	IIRC, XP Pro's remote assistant (or using remote desktop) is based on the same technology of Terminal Service.  So that's probably why you can't see your disconnected session because it's not a console session.
>	Two ideas:
>1) Disable "fast user switching" if it's there and if it isn't needed for remote assistant.
>2) Stop your VNC server service (or any server in console session).  Instead, run VNC server as an application from within your remote desktop session.