Open connections upon close

Nichols, Rhonda csren "at"
Wed Apr 21 18:53:00 2004

(New VNC user)  I am running VNC on my Windows XP box and connecting to
Linux (Redhat v3).  My question is this..If I exit VNC without logging
out of my Linux connection it leaves this connection open.  I know this
because I can see the resource still allocated on the LINUX machine even
after I exit VNC.  If I reopen VNC the connection to Linux is still
open.  I would assume that once you close your VNC connection then it
would close all other connections but this is(appears) not the case.  Is
this how it is suppose to work?  Do you have to manually exit each
individual connection in VNC before closing VNC?  Or should it
automatically close all connections when I choose to close(ALT-F4) VNC?

Rhonda E. Nichols
Application Programmer II
Eastern Illinois University
Information Systems
Charleston IL 61920
csren "at"