How do I get the .vnc files to work on other workstations? Matthew.van.Eerde "at"
Wed Apr 21 17:04:00 2004

> From: Beling, Michael [mailto:mbeling "at"]
> I have a bunch of .vnc configs for several boxes that we commonly
> connect to and I sent them to another machine, but I can't 
> seem to open
> them up.  I get a program association list and nothing seems to work.
> Any help would be appreciated.
> Thanks in advance,
> Mike

Do this
Choose Notepad, and check the "always use this program" box
This will create the file association and have it open in Notepad

Now go to Windows Explorer
Click on My Computer
Click on Tools | Options (or Folder Options etc.)
Click on File Types
Click on the .VNC file type
Click Advanced
Highlight the "open" action
Click Edit
Under Application used to perform the action, type in:
"C:\Whatever\the path\is\to\vncviewer.exe" /config "%1"

Substitute the correct path to vncviewer.exe