Running VNC server and Remote destop XP simultaneously - not working

Seak, Teng-Fong tfseak "at"
Wed Apr 21 15:15:01 2004

	IIRC, XP Pro's remote assistant (or using remote desktop) is based on the same technology of Terminal Service.  So that's probably why you can't see your disconnected session because it's not a console session.

	Two ideas:
1) Disable "fast user switching" if it's there and if it isn't needed for remote assistant.
2) Stop your VNC server service (or any server in console session).  Instead, run VNC server as an application from within your remote desktop session.


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> Objet : Running VNC server and Remote destop XP simultaneously - not working
> Since I used RDP (at WinXP PRO) to connect, then 'disconnected', I'm not able to connect
> to VNC.
> Hence, once you use RDP, VNC no longer works ok.  I get only a black screen with a
> mouse..
> Details:
> If I tried VNC after restart of machine, it was working (my VNC resolution is 640*480,
> because of weak graphic card).
> Then I started RDP and it was also working (but resolution was my client fullsreen =
> 1280*1024).
> Then I tried VNC, but only big black windows appeared!!!
> I thing it has something to do with RDPDD and videodriver.
> Does anyone have solution?
> I need use it alternately (nor simultaneously), because RD is more suitable over LAN and
> VNC is better over internet.
> But described behaviour (black screen) is independent on kind of connection (LAN,
> Internet).
> Both services uses another port (RD = 3389; VNC=5800).
> Please, if you have some idea, let me know.
> JBurysek "at"
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