Basic questions: IP, Modem connection, Java

Seak, Teng-Fong tfseak "at"
Wed Apr 21 13:07:00 2004

	For the basic:

	You need port-forwarding.  Please read the FAQ and manual:

	To know the public IP address, you could go to this URL which, in the same time, could help you check if your config is correct.

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> Objet : Basic questions: IP, Modem connection, Java
> Hello List,
> setting VNC up in a LAN group was quite easy, although I'm not a network
> literate.
> For an education programme I sat up a teacher PC on which a group of
> students can 'watch'(no mouse and keyboard) and a connection from the
> teacher PC to each student PC for support purposes, with the 'license to
> click'.
> So far so good in a LAN environment.
> How do I achieve the same when connecting over the (public) internet with
> Modem, ISDN or  DSL?
> IPs are dynamic in that case, right?
> A fixed IP for a PC would turn it into an 'official server' at a proposed
> cost of 2500Euro according to the ISP. (cough, cough)
> What tool can dynamically and fast set dynamic IPs for that connection every
> time teacher and/or students log on? Is this the right direction I'm
> thinking in anyway?
> How about the Java Viewer is that the soultion?
> The whole setup has to be as easy as doubleclick and password. I can not
> expect the students to configure some IPs every time they log on.
> Security at the current state is OK since no crucial data is on any PC. And
> yes the whole thing is windows based, since the software to be taught is Win
> also.
> Thanks for your input
> Thomas Schick, Berlin