VNC Applet

Corné Beerse cbeerse "at"
Wed Apr 21 08:29:01 2004

Ravi Vachhani wrote:

> Hi Friends,
> I have downloaded the source code for java VNC Viewer and made applet of that
> but when I try to run this applet it gives me error:-
> connet to IP Address). So Please
> help me to make an proper vnc viewer applet.

I think java security jumps in here. As far as I know, java-applets can only 
access the same machine as where they come from. If you start a java applet from 
localhost, you can only access localhost. If you start it from a remote server, 
you can only access that remote server.

I can be off here, it might be configuratble or not true at all, it's what I 
remember from some java security investigation, a couple of years ago...

You can get ready-build java applets of the viewer from the unix packages. If 
you're on a M$Windows platform, get a *.gz or *.tgz package, you can extract 
that with winzip. In there, the applets are in the ...vnc/classes/ directory. 
The *.vnc files are html-templates which might give an overview of the usage.

Afaik, those applets need to come from the same processor as where the 
vnc-server is running.