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Wed Apr 21 08:25:01 2004

Celina Liu wrote:
> Hi, Corne
> Thanks for your reply.
> I did try setting the font path as you suggested and change the depth from 8
> to 16 to 24, however without luck, it still does not work.
> Is there any other setting I can try ?

I started to mention the fontpath update:
In the vnc session, do `xset -q`.
In the console on the same machine as where the vncserver (`Xvnc`) runs, do a 
`xset -q`.
Compare the fontpaths. If they differ, you can use `xset` to update the 
fontpath, see `man xset` for details.
You can set the new, working fontpath in the `vncserver`-script once it works.



> Thanks
> Celina
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> Celina Liu wrote:
>>Hi, I have used the VNCviewer on  window system to install oracle software
>>through a VPN connection to a Solaris box. the VNCviewer can launch the
>>Installer and display fonts in the Installer window are fine, but  Now
> when
>>I launch another tool DBCA (from Oracle as well) the display is in the
>>unreadable font - all the words are together as a black line- unreadable
>>I need to get the tool going and I would be very appreciated if somebody
> can
>>help me with the display font issue.
> If this realy is a font problem, check on a display that runs on the same
> processor as your vncserver (the `Xvnc` process) and query for its fontpath
> (`xset -q`). THen feed the same fontpath to the vnc-session: use `xset` to
> do it
> on the fly, update the vncserver script for future sessions.
> Since Oracle tools are involved, I know (from older Oracle tools) that they
> use
> a dedicated colordepth. I recal by head it should be 8 or 16 bits. Try if
> changing this suits a need.
> CBee
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