Basic questions: IP, Modem connection, Java

Thomas Schick mail "at"
Wed Apr 21 08:11:01 2004

Hello List,

setting VNC up in a LAN group was quite easy, although I'm not a network

For an education programme I sat up a teacher PC on which a group of
students can 'watch'(no mouse and keyboard) and a connection from the
teacher PC to each student PC for support purposes, with the 'license to
So far so good in a LAN environment.

How do I achieve the same when connecting over the (public) internet with
Modem, ISDN or  DSL?
IPs are dynamic in that case, right?
A fixed IP for a PC would turn it into an 'official server' at a proposed
cost of 2500Euro according to the ISP. (cough, cough)
What tool can dynamically and fast set dynamic IPs for that connection every
time teacher and/or students log on? Is this the right direction I'm
thinking in anyway?
How about the Java Viewer is that the soultion?

The whole setup has to be as easy as doubleclick and password. I can not
expect the students to configure some IPs every time they log on.
Security at the current state is OK since no crucial data is on any PC. And
yes the whole thing is windows based, since the software to be taught is Win

Thanks for your input

Thomas Schick, Berlin