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Tue Apr 20 16:50:01 2004

I had a real nice guy named Joe helping me last week (or so), but things got hectic at work and I never finished our "conversation" so I haven't heard from him lately. I think I'm almost at the end of getting this up and running.
Can anyone give me a hand from this point on?

We have a Westell Webshare Pro  router (apparently). When I put in the Default Gateway addy into the web browser ( it takes me to the Verizon Homepage (our ISP).

My LAN configuration shows up as follows:

LAN Advanced Configuration

IP address   192 168 0 1
Subnet mask   255 255 255 0
DNS Primary   192 168 0 2
DNS Secondary   192 168 0 3

Under the FIREWALL menu, there is a Port Forwading tab and here's the information shown there:

"Inbound services initiated from outside the network are denied unless specifically allowed" There are 2 choices below this statement and "disable" is selected. ***I'm assuming this will have to be chanced to "enable"***

Then there's a section for "Add a Service" and fill in choices...some have been selected....I will show what's there right now:

Service - DEFAULT
Protocol - TCP_UDP
Port # - 0
Server IP - 0 0 0 0 

Can someone tell me how to get this set up so I can run VNC viewer from my laptop at home and access my desktop machine at work as the server?
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aka LuniLadi

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