Can VNC act as a 'spyware'?

bot banana botbanana "at"
Tue Apr 20 16:19:01 2004

Well the VNC is installed in everyone's PC. Since if
anyone has used it before, could I ask u if it can be
used to view my personal emails, edit them.

My office is quite flexible about me using my
e-banking since we really work a 6day week and there's
no time to literally go to the bank. But I'd just like
to be sure that no hanky-panky goes on behind my back.

1. For eg. I'm in Yahoo mail writing or viewing an
email. And my boss is nicely sitting in his room next
door. Will what I see, be the same as what my boss

2. To go another step further, can he use VNC to edit
what I do? (of course I'm asking the extreme stuffs)

3. And to go another step further, if he's able to see
my Yahoo Mail, can he also see my e-banking pages once
I have accessed into it.

4. And finally, if I erase the cache everytime I've
logged out of my e-banking session, would that be

I dont want to wake up suddenly and see all my monies
transferred out!!


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