using VNC over a Terminal Server session

Laszlo Girus lgirus "at"
Tue Apr 20 14:18:01 2004

Unfortunately only the Terminal Server is reachable directly, and only on
one single port.


Seak, Teng-Fong tfseak "at"
Tue Apr 20 13:02:00 2004
 If you connect to TS through VPN tunnel, you should also do the same with
VNC.  No need to do "double jump".  That's what I'm doing everyday, unless
your Cisco is configured so that VPN clients are restricted to a few ports.

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> Objet : using VNC over a Terminal Server session
> Hi , I would like to know if it work or not.
> I can not acces my PC remotely through the firewall directly, because I do
> not wish to make additional wholes in the corporate firewall. However
> is a terminal server on the LAN which is accessible by using cisco vpn
> client. Before I start installing VNC service on the PC etc, I would like
> know if it would be possible at all to reach it over a terminal server
> session?
> Actually I tried it with an earlier version of VNC but I had some strange
> error after a 10-15 secs, do not remember bexactly but I think some kind
> socket error maybe.
> Thanks for comments.