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Corné Beerse cbeerse "at"
Tue Apr 20 09:15:02 2004

Bjxrn Sandsaunet wrote:

> I want to change the look of the html-file for the java applet viewer. I
> cant find the file, is the file generated on the fly inside the server?

With the unix/linux implementation you can find the html files in the 
...vnc/classes/ directory, they have the extention '*.vnc'. THere is reasonable 
comment on what to adapt and what variables to use for update by the 

With the M$Windows implementation, I think they are generated on the fly, you'll 
find details in the source. However, you don't need to twiggle the source and 
rebuild vncserver if you have an other webserver on the same machine.

If you want to use custom html files, best to take a unix implementation and 
extract the ...vnc/classes/ directory. There you'll find the java-viewer and the 
html examples. Update the *.vnc files to *.html files, feed them to your 
webserver (that must be running on the same machine as the vncserver) and 
optionally disable the html-webserver from the vncserver.


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