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Seak, Teng-Fong tfseak "at"
Mon Apr 19 11:38:00 2004

	Is Java client your only choice and you don't want to use native client no matter what?  If that's the case, I'm afraid the answers to your questions are mostly "no".

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> Just been playing with realVNC and it looks really good. I will use it to monitor my
> children on their computers. However is there a way of using the Java client and:
> storing the machine name/password

	I don't know how to store password, but it's easy for the machine name.  Just copy the URL which contains the machine name.

> hiding the buttons so I can fire it up in a clean window showing just the desktop (probably
> scaled 1/2)

	For this, you need the native client ...... or VNC 4 Java client, but it stills needs a browser window to fire up the java client.

> ideally I could pass the parameters either by get or post and these would be used by the
> applet
> I wont need to change anything once it is configured.
> The plan is to put the url into my startup folder.
> This has probably been done already but I couldn't find it in the documentation
> Thanks in advance.
> Mark J Tyers
> PS: if it has not been done I might try doing it myself if I can get the source files for the
> applet (my Java is pretty basic but it would be a good way of improving it!)
> There are 10 sorts of people, those who understand binary and those that don't