centrix solution using vnc?

Stuart Ellis elliss "at" imapmail.org
Sun Apr 18 21:08:01 2004

FWIW Windows 2000 Server and above includes Terminal Services (2
connections for free, pay for more), Citrix isn't essential for a small
LAN installation.

If you haven't got any Windows servers then another solution not already
mentioned is Netraverse Terminal Server, a Linux product that uses a copy
of Windows to provide full Windows desktop sessions to the clients.  The
blurb says that you connect to those terminal sessions via X-Windows or


I haven't used it, but I've seen a couple of reviews that say the
technology works.  It's probably expensive, but I don't think that there
are any cheap solutions for running an MS environment.

> Hi all
> I'm new to this list, so please forgive me for any faux-pas I make in
> ignorance ;-)
> I work as a sysadmin in a small company and we're using Linux on the desktop
> (mainly). I'm looking for an efficient and workable solution to run
> MS-office applications, but I'd like to keep the desktops running Linux.
> One solution I thought up was that it might be possible to install one
> really fast machine with lots of memory, running windows and a VNC server
> and connecting the users to that machine from the Linux Desktop. If this
> would fast enough of course ;-)
> My question is whether there is some experience with a solution like this
> (and if so, what are the experiences with such a solution) or if not, why is
> this not a good solution?
> Simon