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Sun Apr 18 13:15:01 2004

At 12:48 17/04/2004, Kamal Jain wrote:
>i want to make a clone of i have no idea from where shud i start it. Can you please guide me, from where shud i take the initiative and all

Why would anyone want to use Go2MyPc?  You don't just buy the program.  You have to keep on paying them to be able to use it!

Thanks for the heads-up on the facility.  That one for the personal `avoid it` list.  I would have considered it if it was a one off purchase.

Like where I work...  Even if I purchase Symantec's PcAnywhere for all the workstations, it would still prove to be cheaper in the long run, but there are a few computers that I manage that are underpowered and not really state of the art, where PcAnywhere might harm those computers, the VNC server is small enough to work, well, flawlessly.

As for a wish list...  It would be nice if VNC4 managed to handle a DOS only display on Windows.  (Not a DOS box but a full-screen character screen.)