VNC + Emacs *Without* a Window Manager

Tennis Smith tennis "at"
Sat Apr 17 20:56:00 2004

Hi Jamie,

Thanks for the response. I'm not sure what you mean by a remote X app.
:)  But if it means that I have to restart Emacs between connections to
the server, then that isn't what I'm looking for.  The strength of VNC
is that I can log off it and then log on sometime later and the
environment is unchanged.

Am I still misunderstanding?

My client is Windows 2k.

>Have you thought about running Emacs as a remote X application instead?
>This seems like a better fit for what you are trying to do.  You don't
>mention your client VNC platform.  If it is Windows, you can run the
>XFree server from cygwin in "rootless" mode.
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