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Sat Apr 17 11:51:01 2004

Just been playing with realVNC and it looks really good. I will use it to monitor my children on their computers. However is there a way of using the Java client and:
storing the machine name/password
hiding the buttons so I can fire it up in a clean window showing just the desktop (probably scaled 1/2)
ideally I could pass the parameters either by get or post and these would be used by the applet
I wont need to change anything once it is configured.
The plan is to put the url into my startup folder.
This has probably been done already but I couldn't find it in the documentation
Thanks in advance.
Mark J Tyers
PS: if it has not been done I might try doing it myself if I can get the source files for the applet (my Java is pretty basic but it would be a good way of improving it!)
There are 10 sorts of people, those who understand binary and those that don't

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