centrix solution using vnc?

Simon Oosthoek simon "at" margo.student.utwente.nl
Fri Apr 16 15:11:01 2004

On Fri, Apr 16, 2004 at 08:35:45AM -0400, William Hooper wrote:
> Jerome R. Westrick said:
> > If MS-Office is all you need then there is a product
> > called  cross-over-office or something like that...
> >
> > It allows you to run M$-Office under linux workstation itself...
> Codeweavers also has "CrossOver Office Server Edition" which sounds like
> it would fit the bill (only install MS Office on the server).

Maybe I should have included some more info about the company system...

We started only last year with a bunch of older PCs. I'm now looking to
replace them with newer stuff. We started with Linux desktops and servers
and MS Office + crossover office (currently at version 2.1). This is not a
"perfect" solution, since a lot of features and office versions don't work.
We have a lot of shared document development with external partners who are
still under the dark influence of the Devil ;-). 

We're now evaluating our current system and the conclusion is that cxoffice
makes msoffice very slow and also breaks quite a few features we need
(equation editor, file saving problems, OLE actions, etc.)

In a perfect world, there would be a Linux native program that can work
perfectly together with all msoffice documents, however, OpenOffice is the
closest candidate and it only works for about 90% of the features, breaking
nearly all the documents we have since they typically use those features
that aren't supported very well.

I believe now that a solution using VNC probably also won't work, since the
M$ license doesn't allow you to use it like that. Citrix might be ok, but as
was said already, too expensive.

I feel like I'm stuck between a Rock and a Hard Place, The boss likes Linux,
but doesn't notice/understand the problems the real workers have with it,
the PCs are too slow and it's really hard to prove that we need new
hardware/software to do our work well :-(

I'm also thinking of a vmware solution, but that's relatively expensive and
doesn't really solve the main dilemma.

Thanks for the suggestions!