VNC for WINce

Rajiv k.S rajivks "at"
Fri Apr 16 08:55:01 2004

  Ive a peculiar problem to present.Iam trying to port VNC(Server
part alone) to WinCE OS.I've almost done it but Iam not getting the Exact
colour of the server machine's Desktop.The server runs on a 8Bpp Adapter and
ive created a 16Bpp DIB to grab the Screen contents.The same thing happens if
i create create a 8Bpp DIB. I tried to send the 
Pallete information to the
Viewer but the viewer just quit.Later when i searched the code of the Viewer i
found that it is no longer being supported.Please can any one help me to sort
out this?


  My other Id is
ra_jivks "at"