VNC and uPnP routers

Scott C. Best sbest "at"
Thu Apr 15 20:14:01 2004


	Heya. Your post is the first I've heard that applications can
use uPnP to auto-configure a DSL router that they're sitting behind.
The idea sounds conveniant, which means it also sounds like the opposite
of secure. :) If my DSL router actually auto-configured its port-forward
settings without me telling it would I ever be able to restrict
what services on my network are externally accessible?

	Regarding Kaboodle, yes: when you use it in conjunction with a
KaboodleProxy server, it obsoletes the *necessity* for port-forwarding
(it also provides a pretty useful dynamic-DNS service). Kaboodle still
works with port-forwarding of course; KaboodleProxy just provides an
alternative for people unable or unwilling to adjust their firewall/router


PS: As mentioned on the [Kaboodle-User] lists, the current KaboodleProxy
    code has a bug which affects some users. I've de-activated the demo
    service until we get it really fixed (hopefully near the end of

> are there any plans for VNC to support the uPnP (universal Plug-and-
> Play) features of modern DSL routers?
> The most annoying thing in VNC is having to set up port forwarding for
> VNC servers that are behind a router. Could uPnP solve this?