Need advice about what i'm going to do

William Hooper whooper "at"
Thu Apr 15 20:00:01 2004

Mathieu Pagi said:
> Hi,
> I am going to install linux on a machine that will not have (after
> installation) any screen, keyboard, mouse. I plan tu use it exclusively
> via
> VNC from my WinXP machine. So I have thoses questions:
> - Is my plan a good idea (feasible) ?

Works for me.

> - Do I have to install XFree86 ? (I don't think since vncserver is
> supposed
> to emulate XFree. right ?)

You need some of the X libraries (and KDE needs more).  You might as well
install it, you just don't have to have it boot to the GUI login.

> - Whith VNC can I use any desktop ? I'm used to KDE.


William Hooper