Is this too tough for newbie?

Nicholson, Rob rob.nicholson "at"
Thu Apr 15 18:26:01 2004

>This is often a problem, so we here in this list play teachers to
Networking 101, day-in and day-out, year after year, helping people connect
their PC's across the internet...

Yes, that's the fun bit isn't it? I've got it working from home through our
firewall to my desktop but whilst a relatively simple task, I did know what
I was doing :-) Many years of adhoc learning and training to get to this

GotoMyPC on the other hand is, as the OP states, far easier to set-up but it
does cost money. Not a huge amount of money, but money none the less. At
least it's a flat rate.

I've used both and GotoMyPC is certainly better at refreshing the screen
compared to VNC. I've often worked from home over a broadband connection
with GotoMyPC and forgotten after a while, screen lag really isn't an issue.
I've also used VNC (not as much admittedly) over the same link and you're
always always you're in remote control.

But of course, VNC is free :-)

Cheers, Rob.