Is this too tough for newbie?

Seak, Teng-Fong tfseak "at"
Thu Apr 15 13:15:00 2004

	I don't know which part of documentation you've read, but installing WinVNC isn't that complicated.  It's almost next, next, next.

	During install, you're proposed to select if you want to register VNC service.  Even if you forgot to choose this option isn't important.  You could register it later on if you need.

	All you have to know is that VNC (in WinNT) has two mode: service mode and user mode (and thus there're corresponding service setting and user setting).  Service mode is necessary if you need to connect to VNC even when there's nobody logged in the system.

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> De : Susan Bilheimer [mailto:sbilheim "at"]
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> Objet : Is this too tough for newbie?
> I was told the realvnc was a great solution
> for remote access. I am buying a business
> and will need to remotely access the biz
> software from five hours away.
> I'm a tech writer, so have some proficiency,
> but I am completely overwhelmed by the
> documentation on installing realvnc.
> Do you have to be a developer to figure this
> out? Gotomypc is so simple, but would much
> prefer free or shareware.
> Are there any costs I'll have to incur if I do figure
> this out? (I saw something about a Dynamic DNS
> Manager.)
> And finally, does anyone have suggestions on
> where to get simplified instructions for someone like
> me?
> Thanks so much.
> Yours truly,
> Susan
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